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As a users of this site Plastika L.V.P we would like to inform you that all the information is used solely for purpose of communication with you and that your name and other personal information will not be used against your will -wish or be disclosed to the third parties.Your personal information will be started and used for short time as may be required to achive the purpose.We guarantee you that in terms of protection,insurance,management data and other rights and obligations by the Plastika L.V.P as the manager of collection of personal data has and is fully respecting the legal protection of personal data .


Legal bases

Communication is the basic for receiving the law on electronic communications( official charter number 109/2012,reffered to as ZEK-1),which came into force at the beggining of 2013 and has brought new rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies which can be stored on computer or users mobile device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files relevant for the operations of websites,mostly for the purpose of best experience for the users.

cookies usually contain a sequence of letters and numbers to be imposed on users computer.Each time you re-visit the website it obtains information about the loaded cookies and user is recognised.

In addition to the function of improving their purpose is different. Cookies are used to analyze the behaviour or to identify users.Therefore there are different types of cookies.

Type of cookies which we use on this website

cookies that we use on site follow the guidelines:

1. Necesssary cookies

Such cookies allow the users of essential components required for proper functioning of website without these cookies service you wish to use on this page does not work properly(e.g.login,purchase process or security).

2. Experimental cookies

Such cookies collected data how the users act on the websites with a view to improve its experimental comonent site(e.g.which part of website is most often visited). these cookies do not collect information by which be able to identify the user.

3. Functional cookies

Such cookies allow the website to remember some of your settings and collect the (user names,language,religion….) and provides advanced personalized features. This kind of cookies can enable to tract your action on the site.

4. Advertising targeted cookies

Such cookies are not commonly used in advertising and social networks(third part) with the view that shows more targeted adds or measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.This kind of cookies can enable to track your actions on the web.

Supervision of cookies

You have to make your own decission for the use of cookies. you can always remove them and in this case you remove your visability on site. you can also set most browsers so that the cookies are not taken.

For information about the possibility of individual browsers we suggest that you view settings at each browser..

Manager of cookies,  Plastika LVP d.o.o.