Commitment to quality

Primary goal of the company is to manufacture and sell quality products that meet the needs and requirements of customers. Therefore we in December 2004 received a certified quality management system in accordance with standard Iso 9001-2000, 9001-2008( now already 9001-2015).

In assessing the quality, the buyers opinion has a great importance.In fact we are pleased that in last few years we didn’t receive any complaints and we have supplier status A.

The quality of the company reflects also on compliance with the agreed availability of products,competitive prices.We also include customers in the manufacturing process itself-our products must meet the requirements set by national and international regulations and standards. We tend to meet demanding customers,both in terms of functionality and usability. At the same time they have to be users friendly to humans and their environment.

In the production we try to hold the following guidelines:

  • improve important characteristics of quality products
  • technology must be ecologically sound
  • improve process that do not meet acceptable quality requirements
  • increase company’ efficiency with continuous improvements,reduce the cost and improve the quality of the company as a whole